Fabulous Fitness Makeover

Mussels and Makeup took on a Fitness Competition makeup look for the beautiful Fitness Model Ashley. 

Ashley- known as the “Pink Beast”- normally competes in a pink suit, but for this competition she was trying something new… green! And with a new suit color comes a whole new look. Before getting started, I had Ashley use mineral oil free skincare (side note: using a line without mineral oil is a must. Mineral oil sits on top of the skin, creating a less than ideal canvas for makeup). Then to even out the surface of her skin, I used a makeup primer. I contoured using three shades of Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation- beautiful! I always set with a translucent setting powder. This step guaranteed that Ashley’s makeup would look fresh throughout her competition. 

 For Ashley’s eyes, I did bright green shadow to really make them pop. On top of the shades of green, I added lots of green sparkles! Ashley’s suit was covered in sequins, so we decided her eyes should be just as glitzy. Since Ashley would be competing on stage, I add a double row of false lashes. This technique opens up the eyes and makes them look bigger and extra fabulous. 

I decided to go pink for her lips. Bright pink is complementary to the green eye makeup and Ashley’s suit. Plus it is a nod to Ashley’s “Pink Beast” personality. 

 Ashley looked beautiful and rocked the competition. She took home a huge trophy!! Thank you Ashley for letting Mussels and Makeup get you dolled up for your big competition. I am so proud of your success! 

To view the makeup line used on Ashley, click HERE! 🙂

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