Pucker Up For Summer!

For those of us in Texas, you know it’s summer when you spend an hour styling your hair and creating a fab face, throwing on a happy, bright colored outfit… only to head outside and be smacked in the face with 100 degree heat! Despite the three-digit temps, I love summer. I love sunshine, I love summer outfits and I LOVE SUMMER LIPSTICK COLORS!

My favorite for Summer ’15 is a pucker-worthy pink and a summery red. For a sassy summer twist on red lips, I throw on Posey liner and Poppy lipstick. I love this combo because it has a hint of a coral tone, making it the perfect shade of red for this time of year.

For my pink days, I am loving Arbonne’s Fuchsia lip liner and Camilla lipstick.

As for glosses… I can’t pick a favorite. Don’t make me. Mallow, Primrose, Calla, Cosmos, Larkspur and Mimosa… all great for summer time. To tone down the bright red or pink I recommend using Mallow or Calla. If you want the bright color to pop even more add on Cosmos, Larkspur or Primrose. Have fun with it!

You may be wondering, why does Jess love this line so much? Well, here’s why:
1) The bright, awesome colors… duh.
2) It stays on! I can do my lips in the morning and after lunch and my lips still look nice. Of course they could use a touch up, but there is still color there, and I don’t mean just gross lip liner leftovers. Helpful Tip: I always fully fill in my lips with liner for this exact reason. The color stays looking great for much longer!
3) It’s healthy. Arbonne’s lip line is certified vegan and gluten-free. Consider for a second how much lipstick you EAT! Think about it! So why put something full of animal byproducts and chemicals on your lips? It’s a good point, I know.

If you are an ingredient junkie like me… check out the complete ingredient lists for each product here.

Pucker up and enjoy summer!

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