Meet Jessica Musselman

Hello gorgeous! My name is Jessica Musselman, creator of “Mussels and Makeup.”

I am a makeup artist based out of The Woodlands, Texas. My passion for makeup hit early on in high school, back in my “theatre nerd” days, where I was introduced to the art of stage makeup. After college, I spent nearly four years in the TV News industry where I learned how to do makeup for television. My experiences include weddings, bridal portraits, engagement photos, head shots, dance showcases, fashion shows and makeup classes. However I am not limited to that- I am always open to try something new!

In addition to being a makeup artist, I am a Regional Vice President with Arbonne International. Beauty from the inside out is another passion of mine. Arbonne believes in pure, safe, beneficial products that will help you feel beautiful and live a happy and healthy life. I exclusively use the Arbonne cosmetic line on my clients because the products are free of gluten and certified vegan. I am confident the products will look and feel fabulous on each lovely face I have the honor of enhancing.

Please check out my photo gallery. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Meet Jessica Musselman

  1. Hi,
    I recently saw Jessica at Angela Millers home doing eye makeovers. At that time, I asked if the lip color “Satin” was still available along with the lip gloss that blended with it. She did not have it but thought you might have it in stock?

    Please let me know if you have the lip stick “Satin” and its lip gloss.

    Thank You.

    Catherine Irvin


    1. Hi Catherine! It was great seeing you at Angela’s. I checked with my mom and she does not have the Satin or the Brown Sugar gloss. I’m so sorry! Stephanie can get you the Hazel lip gloss (it’s very close to Brown Sugar!). Best of luck!


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